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For those who are big on overseas camping trips, you might have already experienced just how pricey it is to fly your camping gear with you. Is there a way for you to enjoy your overseas camping trip without burning such a big hole in your wallet?

Well, fret not as there is indeed another way for you to transport your camping gear to your destination without having to pay such a high cost flying with extra baggage – You can have your camping gear shipped beforehand to your destination before you arrive! Here are some things you should consider if you are planning to ship your camping gear ahead of time as an alternative to taking them on the plane with you:

  1. Will your camping gear arrive on time? There are instances where campers have had their gear shipment delayed and were forced to cut short their camping trip. Hence, make sure you consider all the factors that might cause a delay in the shipment like wet weather, customs clearance for the items you wish to ship, etc.
  2. Where will your camping gear be shipped to? It is encouraged to ship your items to a destination that is close to the airport you will be arriving at (if you are going straight to camping), or at a hotel that you will be spending the night in (if you arranged to stay at a hotel before going to camping)
  3. Do you need this item, or can you obtain it easily at a shop at your destination? This is to avoid the risk of having your shipment delayed or rejected due to one of your gear failing to clear the customs. One example would be gas canisters used to start fires. Given the risky nature of shipping gas canisters, it would be easier to purchase them at a local store at your destination, rather than to ship them.

If you are looking for a hassle-free shipping experience when it comes to shipping your camping gear overseas, JustShip is the perfect ship courier for you! We offer professional shipping services for you! We also provide pick-ups from your doorstep regardless of whether your items are packed or unpacked.

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June 2, 2021
shipping camping gear

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