Shipping car parts can be exhausting and expensive (unless you use JustShip)

Singapore has one of the most tightly regulated car markets in the world. And because of the government’s Certificate of Entitlement (CoE) program, giving car owners the legal right to own and use their vehicle for 10 years, most car owners have to think carefully about whether they wish to renew their CoE when it expires, often for over $40,000. As a result, many cars and car parts leave Singapore each year and find new homes in Europe and parts of Asia.

Car shipping overseas is an expensive and administratively taxing process. Sea freight shipments for international car shipping can take many months to arrive, and the cost to ship a car overseas can often be a significant fraction of the price of the actual car (for example, it costs between $2300 to $5900 to ship a 10-year-old Toyota Vios to the USA, for a resale value of just $8000). As a result, it might make financial sense to just export valuable parts of the car, such as the exhaust, bumper, lights, steering wheel, and engine.

Shipping auto parts overseas often requires fragile packing and customs expertise. JustShip has experience working with car part exporters (especially for luxury car parts), and can get car parts to your buyers within just 4 days. Consider JustShip the next time you are looking for international vehicle shipping services!

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