Shipping car parts overseas

Car part exporting, and sending cars overseas is a key business in Singapore, as thousands of vehicles around the country lose their certificate of entitlement each year. Singapore has one of the highest proportions of luxury cars as a percentage of vehicles on the road in the world, with strong Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, and Maserati clubs.

International vehicle shipping

International vehicle shipping is in growing demand, especially as the number of valuable cars with low mileage has to be sold to foreigners. The top international car shipping companies are JustShip, Zealous Movers, and Astro Worldwide Movers. Looking around, the price to ship a car overseas can exceed $15,000 SGD for Singapore to USA via sea freight. JustShip charges just $9,500 SGD to ship a Porsche from Singapore to USA.
Depending on the resale value of your car, for a bigger bang for your buck, it might make more sense to export the most valuable parts of your vehicle (the lights, spoiler, and engine).

Calling all car part exporters

If you are a car part exporter, the shipping costs associated with transporting car overseas and transporting car parts overseas can be a huge part of your costs. JustShip offers the best rates for air freight shipments in Singapore, which is especially useful when you need to get your car parts to customers in a quick timeframe. Our prices start from just $8/kg, and we deliver worldwide. Fill up our business form to get started!

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