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Over the last few years, the e-commerce industry has boomed and expanded rapidly. Customers have rising expectations on delivery speeds. For those who run e-commerce businesses, it can often be a challenge to provide good delivery timeframes while keeping overall prices palatable for customers. As such, providing fast and affordable shipping for customers can make for a real competitive advantage.

If you are running your own e-commerce business, there are two ways you can lower your shipping costs. The first is to aggregate enough volume so that you can get cheaper shipping rates. If you are a small business with lower volume, one way to circumvent this is to go through a shipping firm like JustShip and leverage on our exclusive shipping rates typically reserved for larger companies. The second way to reduce shipping fees are to pack your products in a space saving and cost saving way. In particular, clothes hold much opportunity to be packed in a cost saving manner. Here is how you can do so:

For a single shirt

  • Fold the sleeves backwards and face it down neatly (Make sure that there are no visible wrinkles on the shirt)
  • Put it in a plastic sheet (Make sure that the sheet is of a suitable size)
  • Seal the sheet
  • Place the shirt into a poly mailer
  • Add the labels

For multiple shirts

  • Fold the shirts neatly
  • Wrap each shirt with a plastic sheet and seal the sheet
  • Stack them (Put a tissue paper in between each item for extra protection and reduce creases)
  • Place them in a box
  • Seal the box
  • Add the labels

Because clothes are non-fragile items, you can choose to ship them in poly mailers instead of a cardboard box. Poly mailers weigh close to nothing and don’t increase volumetric weight for your item either, so using it can certainly save you on shipping costs.

For small businesses planning to ship to Hong Kong, JustShip has professional packing services available for you to help you pack your products in the most space saving and cost-efficient way.

If you are looking for cheap deals to Hong Kong, JustShip recently opened up shipping to Hong Kong for consumers as well. We offer fast and cheap shipping from Singapore to Hong Kong. You no longer have to worry about your shipping costs being too high anymore if you choose JustShip.

For more information, click on Cheap shipping to Hong Kong.

May 18, 2021
shipping clothing overseas

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