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The increase in usage of social media like Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok caused K-pop to be more recognised and well-known internationally. Not to forget, K-drama also played a big part in spreading the Korean culture outside the Korean borders. One of the product categories that has seen a surge of demand is K-beauty cosmetics. In 2021, it is not rare to see Korean beauty stores like Innisfree and Etude House in Singapore. K-beauty is just one example of how consumers have developed a diverse and globalised preferences for beauty products. Other than K-beauty, people are also exposed to cosmetics from countries like the US.

Given the unique range of cosmetic lines sold in different countries, there may come a situation where you may need to ship cosmetics from Singapore to another country. For example, you may find a product available in Singapore but not available in the country you are in, and you may wish to have it shipped to your doorstep. Or perhaps you stay in Singapore and want to ship cosmetics to your friends or loved ones as a gift.

Here are some points to take note of if you are planning to ship cosmetics:

1. Make sure that your cosmetic products do not contain alcohol (eg. Nail Polish). Alcohol is generally prohibited as it is flammable. Shipping cosmetics products with alcohol may get tricky if you wish to proceed. Do send us a copy of the material safety data sheet(MSDS) of your item so we can get it checked for you. You may obtain MSDS from the manufacturer of your items. FedEx will determine if your item is considered as dangerous goods.

  • Dangerous goods: Customs will be more strict with the shipment and paperworks have to be done. No worries, we will handle the paperworks with a handling fee.
  • Non-dangerous goods: If FedEx approves, we will be more than glad to ship your items!

2. Check on the FedEx website if ‘cosmetics’ are prohibited or restricted.

  • Prohibited: There is a risk that the item may be checked and rejected at customs, resulting in a returned shipment charged at 1.5x on top of the shipment cost. (Borne by shipper) However we had customers who went ahead with their shipment bearing in mind the potential risk, so if you accept those risks, we will ship your item for you.
  • Restricted: There is a risk of clearance delays when shipping restricted cosmetics, and further paperwork may be required when it reaches customs. We have successfully shipped cosmetics to countries that included cosmetics under the list of Import Restrictions. For example, ‘cosmetics’ is listed under Import Restrictions to US and Australia. However, we have successfully shipped cosmetics to those countries before. Some examples of cosmetics shipped are eye cream, cleanser and eye shadow.

3. Check if your item contains any specific prohibited ingredients. You may refer to the FedEx website for the full list of Import Prohibitions and Restrictions. If your item contains any prohibited ingredients, we would not recommend shipping the product. However, if you accept the risks, we will ship your item for you!

4. If you are planning to ship cosmetics as a gift or for personal use, we would recommend not to ship large amounts of liquids. You may send us a WhatsApp text @96477661 if you are unsure.

If you wish to ship cosmetics to Korea, JustShip is the courier for you! We offer shipping from Singapore to Korea. Our professional packing service will ensure that the packing of your parcel is compact to ensure cheap parcel delivery from Singapore to Korea. Do try our Get a Quote calculator to check out how cheap shipping to Korea can be if you use our service!

June 24, 2021
shipping cosmetics overseas

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