Shipping Electrical Machinery Overseas

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Electrical machinery is one of the leading categories for exports in Singapore. In the year 2020, the product category ‘electrical machinery, equipment generated 132.2 billion USD which is 35% of Singapore’s total exports (, 2021).

Electrical machinery shipping overseas is a difficult and expensive process. If you ship electrical machinery with sea freight, it will take months before it arrives at its destination. Apart from the long shipping duration, the high cost of shipping electrical machinery to another country is also an obstacle that you will face when shipping electrical machinery. The average weight of just one portable generator can easily go up to 113kg to 136kg which will already cost a lot to ship overseas. If you are an exporter that regularly ships electrical machinery internationally, the cost of shipping many machines will be too much.

For electrical machinery exporters who are planning on shipping electrical machinery to USA or worldwide, do consider working with JustShip as we offer cheap and fast international shipping! Get your electrical machinery to its destination within just 4 days. We also offer professional packing services for items that need to be packed as well.

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May 10, 2021

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