Shipping Electronics from Singapore to Overseas (Laptops, Handphones)

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Last week, we got a few inquiries about shipping handphones overseas (i.e “Can I send a handphone to Malaysia?”). For many people, this is a concern, given that airplanes used to ban passengers from carrying Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s onboard.

We’re gonna cut to the chase with some good news: you can send electronics overseas (phones, laptops, etc.). However, there are a few things you need to watch out for. Read my 6 tips below to find out.

1. Do not remove the Lithium batteries from your device

Do not remove the lithium batteries from your device. This may seem illogical, but this is for safety reasons. Lithium batteries are prone to overheating and catching fire if there is a build-up of static electricity. This buildup will not happen if the batteries are contained in the device.

So please – do not remove the lithium batteries!

2. Label your package

If you are shipping:

(a) under 5kg worth of Lithium-Ion Batteries, with a power rating under 100Wh (this should apply to most handphones and other personal electronic devices)


(b) under 5kg worth of Lithium Metal Batteries with under 2g worth of lithium content…

you’re in luck! You do not need to fill in a shipper’s declaration for dangerous goods (another form…).

However, you need to label your package to indicate that there are lithium batteries. These can be bought from packing companies near your area (tip: search for DG Packing Companies).

labels to be used if your package contains batteries


3. Indicate the appropriate compliance codes on your airway bill

Besides labeling, you will need to indicate the appropriate compliance codes on your airway bill. As a short-cut for you, the Lithium-Ion battery in your phone or laptop (under 5kg, under 100Wh) will require the statement “Lithium-ion batteries in compliance with Section II of PI967”.

Again, the correct labeling and codes will depend on the type of electronic items you are shipping. A handy resource for you to check is FedEx’s Guide to Packing and Shipping Electronics.

If you’re confused about what codes are applicable, or you don’t have a printer to print the labels, you can leave it to us at JustShip with our all-in-one picking, packing, and shipping service. We’ll take care of all the necessary declarations and preparations to ship your electronics.

4. Shipper’s Declaration?

A Shipper’s Declaration is required by the International Air Transport Association when “dangerous goods” are being shipped. For example, this would include electronics containing lithium batteries with power ratings of over 100Wh.

It is important that you make this declaration. Not just for a smoother shipping process, but for the safety of the air cargo personnel who will be shipping your item. You can find the form and the list of applicable items here.

5. Lots of Bubble Wrap; NO FOAM!

Usually, foam and packing peanuts are the gold standards for keeping your items safe and secure. Now, throw this rule out of the window. Foam and packing peanuts create static buildup that could damage your batteries or cause them to catch fire. Instead, opt for a ton of bubble wrap.

6. Double box your electronics

Have you ever realised (when buying electronics out of the box) that the charger is usually packed separately? That’s not for aesthetics – there’s a practical purpose. Packing your items separately into different boxes within 1 big box prevents your electronic parts from scratching each other during transit.

At our office in JustShip, we ship at least 20kg of electronics internationally every day. We have expert in-house packers to pack your electronics safely and securely. Don’t go through the hassle of packing and just leave it to us.


In conclusion, shipping electronics requires the shipper to pay close attention to the lithium batteries, and adhere to proper standards set by the IATA in their declarations. Please follow any instructions on the official IATA site clearly and accurately, to ensure the safety of the couriers and your items.

Or, you can just leave it to us here at JustShip. With our all-in-one shipping, picking and packing services, we’ll take your electronics, pack it properly, prepare the documentation and ship it out at our fantastic rates. Get a Quote Now.

P.S We ship out at least 20kg of electronics internationally on a daily basis, you can trust us.

February 10, 2021
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