Shipping From Singapore to Vietnam? Know These Commonly Shipped Items on the Prohibited List

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After the success of our first article about Chinese restricted items, we’ve had an overwhelming number of requests for more. Our most popular country this time is Vietnam.

You can find more information on restricted items for Vietnam here.

Prohibited Items

1 Lithium batteries are general restricted items for many countries. This is because lithium batteries pose fire hazards to airplanes. Therefore to ship them overseas, additional paperwork and information Vietnam has taken it one step further by banning it entirely for import. For more information on lithium batteries, we’ve another article here.

2 Currency – this is a common prohibited item for nearly all countries. Aside from the obvious issues in counterfeiting, this raises the theft rate amongst parcel shipments, which most companies, be it the country’s postal service or the courier generally want to avoid.

3 Precious metals, gemstones, and/or products containing or made from them (i.e. jewelry). This is a protectionist measure taken by the Vietnamese Ministry of Trade, as one of Vietnam’s main industry exports is precious metals.

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