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Shipping heavy items to USA and looking for the cheapest way to send parcel to USA? Well, look no further as JustShip is the courier service you are looking for! JustShip is a courier service in Singapore that offers cheap shipping to USA and worldwide. We handle items of any size, shape, or weight. Many of our customers’ parcels get heavy because they want to ship many items at one go. In such a case, we have some tips for you.


Be careful with what you are shipping and how you declare them. This minimizes clearance delays at customs.

  1. Have a clear and accurate product description. Keep in mind the details of:
  • Product Type
  • Material
  • Brand
  • Purpose

2. Before submitting your order, check if the items you are intending to ship are allowed in the country of destination to avoid the additional cost to cancel/return your shipment. You can see FedEx’s guidelines as a useful reference.

3. Take note of the information on the items you are shipping as customs sometimes asks for more information beyond the initial description submitted with your shipment. Some information includes the Manufacturer’s details (Name and address) and the ingredients of your items.

4.You could split the parcel into multiple orders. This would help on two fronts. Firstly, if you are shipping riskier products like food, having one parcel stuck at the customs would not hinder the shipping of the other parcels. This means that you avoid placing all your eggs in one basket. Secondly, this may help you to reduce the amount of taxes you will need to pay. Since US customs taxes on shipments once the declared value exceeds 800USD, shipping through multiple orders would help you avoid consolidating the declared value of all your items into one shipment.


We also have some general tips on packing heavy items.

  • Rather than glued seams, you should use boxes that have stitched or stapled seams. – Do not reuse old or used boxes as they may not be strong enough to carry the weight!
  • For more protection, use customized corrugated board engineered foam enclosures instead of crumpled paper to cushion the contents
  • Boxes are to be sealed with heavy-duty tapes; it is encouraged for the packaged to be taped multiple times targeted at the seams.
  • Lastly, place your packed box into a larger box with the empty space padded around the carton with sufficient cushioning

If packing a heavy parcel sounds very troublesome for you, JustShip is more than happy to pick up the item(s) from your doorstep and handle the packing for you. We have seasoned packers who ensure your packing is secure but also compact so you save on shipping costs.

JustShip can be the right service for you when it comes to shipping your heavy items. To find out more information about our prices click here: quick shipping from Singapore to USA price, fast shipping from Singapore to USA price, courier service Singapore

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