Shipping Integrated Circuits Overseas

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One product category that is most in-demand in Singapore during 2020 is Integrated circuits/micro assemblies. With a market value of approximately 86 billion USD, integrated circuits/microassemblies were ranked first as the most in-demand goods shipped from Singapore in 2020 (, 2021).

For businesses that are shipping integrated circuits overseas, it is recommended for exporters to ship them through air freight than sea freight. This is because shipping the chips through air freight would be cheaper as the integrated circuits are small and lightweight. Another reason why air freight is encouraged when you need to ship integrated circuits is that these chips are present in almost all the circuits out there and are in demand all around the world. Compared to shipping through sea freight that could take up to a few months, air freight is faster and more efficient as it will take within 4 days to arrive at its destination.

For integrated circuits exporters who are planning to ship integrated circuits overseas, JustShip is the provider for you. We are a cheap courier that does international shipping to USA or worldwide. We offer fast and cheap international shipping that can get your integrated circuits to their destination within 4 days.

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May 10, 2021

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