Shipping Metal Overseas

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Metal shipping in context

Singapore is one of the biggest metal exporters in the world. The country specialises in shipping all types of metals: nearly $3 Billion worth of Iron, Copper and Steel passes through Changi Airport and ports annually.

Metal shipping transportation costs

The transport associated with metal shipping for businesses can often be a major cost component, owing to the significant density of most exported metals. Iron, for example, has a density of over 7,800kg per metre cubed. As a result, sea freight is often the most commonly used mode of transport for steel shipping and other businesses. However, sea freight shipping for metals often takes several months to arrive at its destination, especially if the end user is in the Americas or Europe.

Shipping scrap metal overseas

Shipping scrap metal overseas is even more logistically and financially challenging than metal shipping more generally, because of the lower shipping density and shipment value.
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May 10, 2021
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