Shipping Semiconductors from Singapore to Overseas

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Semiconductor logistics and shipping is a fascinating area that Singaporean companies specialize in. Many local companies either refurbish old semiconductor parts or semiconductor machinery and export them overseas.

Shipping semiconductor machinery isn’t easy when it comes to finding a courier. Most local couriers and freight forwarders have low weight and size limits and charge a significant markup for freight shipping.

In addition, many semiconductor machines require a cool temperature environment on the journey from Singapore in order for sensitive equipment not to spoil.

Semiconductor machinery shipping overseas is hassle-free and cheap with JustShip. We have temperature-controlled options for shipments to almost any destination you could think of, a generous weight limit of 900kg, and we have a full suite of integrated crating, pelleting, packing transport, order fulfillment, and storage services.

Prices start from under $7 per kg, so it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. In addition, JustShip is really quick. No matter the weight of your machine, JustShip takes just 4 days to ship to anywhere in the world!

If you are an exporter dealing with semiconductors, semiconductor parts, or semiconductor machinery, WhatsApp us at 91187971 to get started.

May 10, 2021
shipping semiconductors

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