Shipping to Australia amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic

Since Coronavirus forced border shutdowns from earlier in the year JustShip has seen a rise in shipments – our customers requests range from returns and repairs to care packages for relatives stranded overseas. With a higher volume of international shipping requests, our customer’s top concern is pricing. Shipping internationally has become more expensive. Cue Emergency Situation Surcharge (ESS), a new pricing tier that was recently introduced by shipping tycoons DHL and FedEx.

What is ESS?

ESS is a temporary price adjustment introduced by shipping customers DHL and FedEx in order to cover the higher cost of operations incurred during this sensitive period.

Here’s the breakdown on the prices for shipments out of Singapore.

FedEx prices and DHL prices as at 2 September 2020.

JustShip uses FedEx International Priority to ship our customers’ packages internationally.

Use our repacking services to cut down on prices.

Since we’re well aware of the hidden costs that come with air shipping, we offer packing services starting from $3 that are designed to cut down your package volumetric weight and total weight in order to provide you with the lowest prices possible.

We offer the most customer-friendly rates for a friction-free shipping experience. Got a parcel? JustShip with us today!

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