SingPost Overseas Shipping - October Price Adjustments Before & After

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With more turning to international shipping to get food and goods across the ocean to their loved ones, shipping overseas has become the new norm amongst Singaporeans.

When considering international shipping, SingPost comes to mind for nearly any Singaporean. It may be the most prevalent and accessible, but does SingPost truly offer the most competitive international shipping rates? With more competitors popping up on the market, it’s time to rethink if Singpost is the right shipping provider for you.

On 15 September 2020, SingPost released its latest price adjustments to offer services that were seemingly more in-line with consumer demand resulting from Covid-19. At first glance, these price changes promise lots of consumer benefits through cost savings stemming from reduced prices for local mailing and streamlined pricing tiers for international shipping.

The original release by SingPost contains multiple annexes with information scattered in various images, so we’ve compiled them into a comprehensive table for easy reference.

SingPost pricing increases for international

Across the board, prices have dipped for local shipping. But what about prices for overseas shipping? These are the 3 big changes for international shipping in the October 15 price changes.

1. Streamlined Pricing Tiers

SingPost used to offer 5 different pricing tiers; SingPost Express, Priority, Standard, Economy, Express Import. Now it has been downgraded to Express, Priority and Economy.

For now, no information has been released by Singpost on what shipping methods are allocated to the newly revised pricing tiers, and how long they will take.

2. Simplified Weight Tiers

Singpost has dropped the maximum weight for shipping internationally, capped at 20kg instead of 30kg.

3. Condensed Country Zones

‘Southeast Asia’ and ‘Rest of Asia’ have merged together, with Australia, New Zealand, Europe, USA & Canada, all common international shipping countries as a separate group. The specific countries in the ‘Asia’ and ‘Rest of the World’ section will be released after October 15.

Before and After Price & Service Comparison

Shipping fees for Singpost are based on service (pricing tier), zone (country) and weight.

For a fair picture, we’re going to compare the prices for Australia, France, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Vietnam, UK, and USA. These are the countries that JustShip customers most commonly ship to.

SingPost rates to Malaysia are as follows:

singpost price changes malaysia

SingPost rates to Vietnam are as follows:

singpost price changes vietnam

SingPost rates to Australia & New Zealand are as follows:

singpost price increase australia new-zealand

SingPost rates to France are as follows:

singpost price changes france

SingPost rates to India & Pakistan are as follows:

singpost price increase india and pakistan

SingPost rates to UK & USA are as follows:

singpost price changes UK USA

SingPost’s Prices Have Generally Increased

So what has changed? Singpost now offers free services, but their prices for international shipping have hiked up drastically. All information is taken from Singpost’s website as at 23 September 2020, more here: Price Adjustment, Original Rates, and Singpost International Website.

In our next article, we’ll be comparing these prices with JustShip’s rates. For our current rates to all the countries mentioned above, find them here.

JustShip offers cheap international shipping to global destinations in 1-3 days. We ship with FedEx international Priority that ensures each package that is shipped internationally is tracked and secure. Our rates start from SGD 24 to Malaysia, and SGD 38 to USA.

Got a question? Contact us by WhatsApp or Email to speak to a customer service representative. Got a package? Ship with us today.

February 10, 2021

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