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We haven't been in business for long - but we have already satisfied dozens of customers with our services and our prices.

Sherrie Han, E-Commerce Seller

The Eliana Timekeeper at 

"Shipped a few packages to Philippines and a few other countries and was happy with their competitive-rates and responsiveness. I also appreciated their advice on how I could pack my items in a more cost-efficient manner.


Glad I found a reliable shipping partner for my e-commerce business"

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Si Xing Lim, E-Commerce Seller

Shop Lulu SG Aus at Instagram: @shoplulu_sg_aus

"Great service and super efficient delivery, got my package delivered in 2-3 business days! Super responsible as well!"

Mrs Tan

Shipped a Care Package to her daughter in the USA

"Sent a care package to my daughter in the US. Daniel and Kim were super helpful and responsive to my questions as it’s the first time for me. The shipping was very fast, cleared customs without problems  and arrived earlier than scheduled.  Just ship will even pick up and pack your stuff to ensure it arrives in good condition.  I found them very reliable and will definitely be sending through them again soon. Highly recommended!"