Holding our service and operations to the highest of standards, we have built strong rapport with our clients for being trustworthy and effective.

Sherrie Han, E-Commerce Seller

The Eliana Timekeeper 

at https://www.elianatimekeeper.com/ 

“Shipped a few packages to Philippines and a few other countries and was happy with their competitive-rates and responsiveness. I also appreciated their advice on how I could pack my items in a more cost-efficient manner.

Glad I found a reliable shipping partner for my e-commerce business”

Si Xing Lim, E-Commerce Seller

Shop Lulu SG Aus at Instagram: @shoplulu_sg_aus

“Great service and super efficient delivery, got my package delivered in 2-3 business days! Super responsible as well!”

Mrs Tan

Shipped a Care Package to her daughter in the USA

“Sent a care package to my daughter in the US. Daniel and Kim were super helpful and responsive to my questions as it’s the first time for me. The shipping was very fast, cleared customs without problems  and arrived earlier than scheduled.  Just ship will even pick up and pack your stuff to ensure it arrives in good condition.  I found them very reliable and will definitely be sending through them again soon. Highly recommended!”


Diana Jamal
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Fast and affordable. Items arrived safely! Will use again in future
Rena Rau
Local Guide
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Great service. I reached out to many logistics company before choosing JustShip. Other companies were unable to assist me like JustShip, with a personal touch. They are more than just transactional business. When receiving my packages, they looked through my declaration to make sure there are no errors and highlighted potential issues since I was sending the package to Australia, famous for their strict custom regulations. And thereafter, everything went through with no issues. Feeling very appreciative and grateful for discovering them. I will definitely use your services again. Thank you!
Elaine J
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Smooth, end-to-end customer experience. Pick-up was punctual and the JustShip team explained to me in detail over WhatsApp on additional charges (given my stuff were slightly overweight) and next steps. Would highly recommend them to other folks!
Flora Chiang
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Really Great ! I have shipped 5 times to different parts of the world n always good !
Asmine Teo
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First time using their service and am so impressed with the service. Communication is prompt and response is fast. I don’t even need to ask any questions as information was given to me very clearly. Highly recommended.
Glen Ng
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Much thanks to Trixie & the JustShip team. They are prompt in responding via email & Whatsapp, very assuring. Arrangements to pick up the items & packed for me was done smoothly & by the end of the day, the package was out of SG. Was also able to track the parcel with FedEx. Might with a bit of hiccup at the destination but JustShip was assuring & continued to respond until the parcel reached my relatives.
Sarah Wu
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Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value Shipping to Australia can get quite pricey. Justship was recommended by a friend and was the most cost effective after comparison with other providers. Justship's service is very fuss-free, efficient and their customer service is very responsive. They gave advice if they thought certain items were risky, and I appreciated that they communicated with me promptly. It took less than a week for the parcel to reach my friend. Highly recommended for reliable shipping services, would use them again.
ro do
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Best shipping service company in singapore to ship overseas. Yes better than DHL. And the prices are reasonable and the staff are very informative as well. It has been more than a year using JustShip and everything were smooth and will always be. Thanks
Deanna Dzulkifli
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Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value My partner and many close friends are based in the UK. I have used JustShip 2 times where I was on a tighter timeline to get the packages across the pond, and JustShip has never failed me. I love their responsive staff, cheaper prices and quicker shipping as compared to other options out there. Definitely a go-to shipping service, also their door-to-door pickup is actually a lifesaver!!