We’re changing our prices from 1 March 2021

JustShip is committed to bringing only the best customer experience for international deliveries. To stay true to these principles that lie at the core of JustShip, we will be increasing shipping rates to Australia by 3%, and to the UK and USA by 7%, with effect from 1 March 2021.

This modest adjustment equates to an additional $1.54 for a 1kg parcel to Australia, $3.58 for a 1kg parcel to the UK and USA, and no price changes for all other countries. By restricting the amount of the increase, we seek to ensure that JustShip is, by far, the most affordable international express courier in Singapore. Our shipping rates are (still) less than half that of SingPosts’ to these three destinations.

The circumstances prompting this change are compelling. In short, rising operational costs beyond our control have resulted in the need for a marginal price increase to grow our business. The shipping rate adjustment is only one of several initiatives to serve you better. Others include pre-empting parcels that might be rejected at customs to save you money, improving our IT system and website to improve your experience with us, and decreasing parcel processing time to reduce hiring expenses. We will continue to monitor these initiatives closely to ensure we offer the best value for money in Singapore for international shipments.

Consider taking advantage of our current preferential rates by shipping with us today. All of us at JustShip feel grateful to be able to rely on your support.

Yours sincerely,

Roger Poh


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