JustShip Only Uses Air Shipping, and Here's Why It's The Best

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Everyday thousands of packages get picked up, packed, and delivered.

There are two ways to ship a package internationally – by air and by sea.

For both methods, cost is calculated by space or weight, also known as volumetric weight (space) or total weight (weight). What most companies base their prices on is known as chargeable weight – and it’s usually the higher number.

Let’s use this airplane seating analogy to demonstrate how space determines the cost of shipping.

Think of it as buying seats on an airplane – if you require the space of two seats, you’ll have to buy two tickets – and your total cost is higher.

In the case of weight – the heavier the item, more fuel is needed to support the airplane while it is up in the air.

In summary, the cost of shipping a package is dependent on two factors: the space it takes up, and how heavy it is.

Differences between Air Shipping & Sea Shipping

A common misconception we often hear from our customers is that sea shipping is cheaper than air shipping. It’s understandable, since most of our customers are more familiar with the cost of air travel. We also get customers asking if they can ship via sea, mainly because they believe that it’s more reliable and environmentally-friendly.

Let’s tackle these assumptions individually.

A. Sea shipping is cheaper.

This is not always true. For sea shipping, the charges go by large shipping containers. If your item is less than one container load, it is actually pricier.

B. Sea shipping is quicker.

Again, this is not necessarily the case. Sea shipping can take up weeks or months to get your items shipped. The delays in air shipping are about a couple of hours to days off, but for sea shipping your items can get stuck at the bay due to bad weather or seaport congestion for days to weeks.

C. Sea shipping is safer.

Not entirely true. With sea shipping, items can get damaged during handling. Airports have strict regulations and procedures when it comes to storage and holding of packages, which is one of our top priorities when making sure our customer’s goods are in mint condition.

For cheap, safe and quick shipping, choose JustShip.

Unless you’re a huge corporation trying to ship out shipping containers full of goods en masse, air freight is typically a much safer, wallet-friendly and quicker option for our customers.

At JustShip, we only use air shipping. It’s not only the most streamlined shipping method, but the fastest way to get your packages across the oceans – a large portion of our customers generally ship time-sensitive items such as food, and have eager recipients on the other end waiting for their packages. Here, our priority is helping you get your packages shipped and received as fast as we can.

Since we’re also well aware of the hidden costs that come with air shipping, we offer packing services starting from $3. The service is designed to cut down your package volumetric weight and total weight in order to provide you with the lowest prices. We offer the most customer-friendly rates for a friction-free shipping experience. Got a parcel? JustShip with us today!

February 10, 2021
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