Cheapest Shipping from Singapore to UK (Singapore, Updated 2020)

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For many of us with loved ones in the United Kingdom, the COVID-19 Pandemic has been a painful separation from them. It’s no surprise that we’d want them to receive a few gifts – to show how much we love them, yea?

Unfortunately, I’ve had to pay over $100 SGD at SingPost so my friends could receive a soft toy and some local snacks (with a card). That’s way too expensive! In this article, I will be sharing with you the cheapest shipping prices from Singapore to the UK, so you never have to cry over a shipping bill again.

Price Comparison – Shipping Cost from Singapore to UK – 2020

shipping from singapore to UK price comparison table

Don’t believe us? Check out our Rate Calculator. Or see our shipping prices to UK.

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Why does JustShip have the Cheapest Shipping Rates to UK?

As a consumer or an e-commerce seller, you probably do not ship huge volumes of items internationally on a regular basis. To these shipping companies, this makes you (and your prices!) different from a large company that regularly ships many items internationally.

As such, your online rates do not receive volume discounts that bigger companies receive. However, JustShip can leverage on these exclusive prices through our long-term relationship with FedEx and their International Priority service. By using us, you receive these low prices.

Extra Tip: Sending Snacks? Pack them properly to avoid higher shipping costs!

By the way – did you know that your 0.5 kg Irvin Salted Egg chips will have a chargeable weight of 3 kg instead of 1 kg? This means a price increase of nearly $60!

How do I avoid this? No fear: read our guide on how you can save money by decreasing volumetric weight. Or, simply use our pick and pack services – we’ll pick-up and pack all of your titbits and sweets to lower your shipping costs and ensure your items arrive intact.

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If we’re being completely honest, the “cheapest shipping to UK” would be to pass your parcel to a friend or family member who is already going there.

However, most of us rarely have such an option, especially in view of the current COVID-19 travel restrictions. But with JustShip, you will receive the cheapest shipping rates to ship your parcel to the UK. Get a Quote now.

JustShip offers the cheapest shipping rates to the United Kingdom. For more information, check out our prices for Shipping from Singapore to UK. Or just Get a Quote with us, right now.

February 10, 2021
shipping from singapore to uk

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