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Singapore is a small country, and so, it can be rare to see our iconic culture and artefacts in other countries. For Singaporeans abroad, the lack of Singapore flavour around them may have them missing Singapore. This is especially so during festive seasons, such as Hari Raya.

JustShip has supported many shippers on their journey to shipping Hari Raya goods to loved ones abroad, and we put together this guide to help make the road ahead clearer for people who want to ship Hari Raya goods!

Read on as we explore some popular item categories that people often ask about.

1. Can I ship Hari Raya goodies internationally?

Yes, you can ship food but do ensure that the items are packed into containers and sealed properly.

The following are a few common Hari Raya goodies that typically have no issues:

  • Pineapple tart
  • Nutella tart
  • Cookies
  • Rempeyek
  • Chips
  • Spices (for cooking)
  • Kek Lapis(layer cake)


  • Meat items. As a guideline, food items that contain traces of meat are prohibited. However, this excludes seafood! So the following items are highly risky to ship:
    • Instant rendang (with meat)
    • Chicken/Beef Serundeng
  • Frozen items or items that require refrigeration. One example would be tapak kuda. We do not do cold shipments so we will not be able to store the kueh under the storage instructions. Spoilt food items that release odour will raise alarms during customs clearance. 

2. Can I ship Hari Raya fashion items?

Definitely yes! You can ship any fashion item, from traditional costumes to accessories to complete your Raya look!

Side note if you wish to opt for insurance to ship jewellery: Under our standard conditions of carriage, your item may be limited to a maximum declared value for carriage of SGD 1300. Kindly note that we do not offer full coverage insurance for items exceeding that value. If you wish to opt for full coverage, you may reach out to a third-party insurance provider.

3. Can I ship Henna internationally?

To some, doing henna on their hands is a must. Based on our research, fresh henna paste has to be placed in the freezer. In the event of unexpected shipment delays, the paste may spoil after a long time unrefrigerated. So, there is a risk that customs will reject the shipment. If you can accept those risks, we can ship it for you!

4. Can I ship Money Packets internationally?

Snacks and other food items are second on the priority list on Hari Raya for kids. The top priority is definitely money packets or duit raya in Malay. Unfortunately, money (notes or coins) is not allowed to ship internationally. But if you still wish to ship a small amount, you may seek advice from the customs of your destination as they are the final decision-maker. If not, there are multiple money transfer platforms you could try out to surprise your loved ones. <3

5. Can I ship Hari Raya home decorations internationally?

To feel the Hari Raya vibes, one can decorate their house with the different Hari Raya decoration items. Some examples are LED lights, stickers, carpets, table cloths, paintings, picture frames etc. And yes, there are no issues to ship all of the mentioned items!

What happens if I exclude some things from the declaration list?

Reason 1: Accidentally left out certain items from the declaration

You may WhatsApp us with your Order ID and the details of the extra item to request an edit. If we have not shipped it out, we can make the edit. Otherwise, we will provide the item details to customs if they request for clarifications during the shipping process. This could result in shipping delays, but typically will not be a dealbreaker unless the items being shipped are restricted/prohibited.

Reason 2: Exclude prohibited items on purpose

We do not allow this. If your items are already packed, we will not know the contents of your package. But this does not mean customs will not find out. All if not most shipments will go through the x-ray machine and the customs officers will be able to spot the prohibited items. The sender(you) will have to provide the full list(including the prohibited items).

Sadly, some shippers have tried that and their packages could not be delivered to their loved recipients. Furthermore, return charges arising from a rejected package will be fully borne by the sender! Disposal is not an option for most destinations. The only way to avoid such hefty charges is to declare items clearly and honestly.

General tips for shipping with JustShip:

  • Prices: We charge based on actual or volumetric weight ((length x width x height)/5000), the higher of the two. If you are packing your items yourselves, make sure it is packed compactly to reduce damage to your items, and also save on shipping costs! JustShip offers packing services for a small fee.

  • Packing Quote: If you require our packing services and are unsure how to get the dimensions of your package, you can place your items into a container/bag, then measure the dimensions of the space taken up by the items.

  • Taxes: Shipments (gift or not) are taxable if the total shipment value exceeds the duty and tax threshold. Different countries calculate the shipment value differently and have different thresholds. With JustShip, you can opt to deliver duties paid (paid by sender). This means you are quoted a fixed pre-paid charge for duties and taxes and thereafter there won’t be any rude shocks.

  • When to ship: On normal days, it typically takes about 2-5 business days for the package to reach your destination, excluding any customs delay or operational delay due to Covid restrictions. But expect potential delays for special seasons like Hari Raya as there will be a surge in shipment orders. To ensure that your recipient receives their package on time, do plan ahead and ship with us as soon as possible. A good time to ship is 10 days before the big day. In any case, better early than late, but better late than never!

Sample Case: Shipping a Hari Raya Package to Australia




Traditional costume



Nutella tart



LED Raya lights






Hand-written card


If the items are able to fit into the box in the photo below, the volumetric weight for the shipment will be about 7kg. If we conservatively assume that the actual weight of the box is ~8kg, then shipping these items to AU would cost approx. $173.90. This quote is excluding packing services, insurance and import charges (if any).

shipping box size for Hari Raya

42 cm x 26 cm x 32 cm

To get a custom rate based on your item weight and shipping destination, simply use our rate calculator!

Take the prep work out of the way when you ship with JustShip. Simply have your items you want shipped with you, know your recipient’s address, and you can book a next-day pick-up. From there, we will get everything else sorted for you. Don’t hesitate, ship now!

June 21, 2022
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