How to pack frozen or cold food for shipping

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When it comes to running an online business, it is important to be equipped with the knowledge of how to ship your products. This is especially so for businesses who sell frozen or cold food as their food might get contaminated if not packed properly. The process of packing frozen or cold food might sound simple, but there are many challenges like extreme temperatures, humidity, and spoilage that you should be aware of when packing cold food for shipping. JustShip has prepared a few tips for you to follow to help you with your packing:

  1. To prevent heat/humidity penetration from occurring, wrap your food in an airtight bag/container
    • For cookies or pastries, wrap them in a plastic wrap or wax paper to prevent the pastry from sticking to the container
    • For seafood, wrap it twice for more protection against the extreme weather
  2. After placing your food in the airtight and/or watertight packaging, put the package in a cold shipping box with insulated cooling if possible
    • Make sure to have enough dry ice or frozen gel packs in the cold shipping box to keep your food cool the entire transit (If you are using dry ice, ventilation is needed in the container/box)
  3. Then, place the cold shipping box in a cardboard shipping box
  4. Fill the gaps with packing peanuts or similar packing material

If packing cold food is too much of a hassle for you, JustShip can do it for you! JustShip has professional packing services available for you.

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May 10, 2021
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