How to pack guitars for international shipping

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Music touches a deep part of the human heart in ways that we are still learning to understand. It is found in every culture around the world and is said to be a universal language. One of the most popular and widely used instruments throughout the years is the guitar. A reason for its popularity is the portability of the instrument. A guitarist can easily bring their instrument to a party and lift the mood of the gathering with some crowd-winning hits. For many guitarists, their guitar can feel like an extension of themselves that they bring everywhere with them.

But what happens when you have to travel overseas and want to bring your guitar along? Some may find the process of shipping a guitar quite worrisome as they might not trust the packing or courier service enough. JustShip is here to ease your worries by giving you a few tips to follow when packing a guitar for shipping:

  1. Loosen the strings. This reduces the tension exerted on the guitar neck to prevent it from becoming warped when it is exposed to different temperatures during transit
  2. Separate the guitar from accessories such as the guitar cable or strap. This is to prevent any scratches on your guitar as these loose parts might brush against your guitar during transit
  3. After packing the guitar in the case, fill up the empty spaces with bubble wrap. This holds the guitar in its place and reduces movement during transit.
  4. Do a shake test to determine whether your instrument is secured enough. (If you hear any movements, add more cushioning and do the shake test again to make sure that your guitar is secured)
  5. Place your cased guitar into a cardboard box with additional cushioning materials
  6. Tape the box securely

For first-time shippers, we understand that it can be quite nerve-wrecking to ship your guitar overseas. JustShip offers professional packing services and fast international shipping for your guitar!

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May 10, 2021
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