How to pack watches for shipping

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In the past, it would come as a surprise to many that luxury or vintage watches would ever be bought via online channels. Watch collectors would know that against those odds, there is now a huge online market for luxury watches, which has been further fuelled by the ongoing pandemic.

If you are a watch collector or seller, it is important to know exactly how to pack your luxury watch to ensure that it travels across the globe safely. Here are some steps JustShip has prepared for you to help you pack your watches for shipping:

  1. Place your watch in its original box, as the original box is often custom designed to fit the watch perfectly, making it safer for shipping
  2. Wrap the original box in bubble wrap
  3. Find a cardboard box that is slightly larger than the original box and add cushioning materials at the bottom of the cardboard box
  4. Place the wrapped box into a cardboard box
  5. Fill up the remaining spaces with more cushioning materials to prevent any damages or movement during transit (Make sure that the original box have no space to shift around)

Extra tip:

When shipping watches through FedEx, declaring the carriage value and paying an extra charge for it does not mean FedEx provides insurance for your watch. It only means that the declared value is the maximum liability FedEx will take on your shipment. FedEx can refund you up to that declared value assuming they acknowledge any loss or damage to the parcel attributable to them. Further, FedEx can reject your declaration value if they determine your watch to be an “extraordinary good”. It is recommended for you to find an external insurance provider to cover for all risks to your shipment!

If you find it worrisome to pack the watch yourself, JustShip provides professional packing services for you!

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May 18, 2021
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