How to ship a Dangerous Good (DG) with JustShip

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Subject: DG Enquiry

Name: John Jones
Contact: +65 9999 9999

Destination of Shipment: 123 Mary Road, Brockton MA 1234, United States

Name of item: Xiaomi PMD Pro
Summary of the item: PMD, Model xxx, in original box
Quantity: 1
Specification of item: 187Wh, battery contained in equipment
Dimension and weight: 123 x 89 x 92 (cm), 18 kg
MSDS: As attached in the email

A sample email you can reference if you want to enquire on shipping a Dangerous Good with us.

What are Dangerous Goods (DG)?

Items that pose a risk to either the property that they are held in or to the safety of the staff handling them are considered dangerous goods. Although they can still be shipped, dangerous goods shipping require more administrative work and special packing requirements which could be a hassle for the person shipping them.

Thankfully, JustShip offers dangerous good shipping. We handle everything, from pick-up from your door to the special packing requirements, such as UN3091 shipping requirements, for your dangerous goods, to the tedious and complicated paperwork. JustShip takes the hassle out of shipping dangerous goods by air. Just fill in this simple form here and our DG specialist will contact you shortly!

When shipping dangerous goods internationally with us, you only need to prepare 3 things:

1. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Firstly, we will need an MSDS of your item before we can help you ship your item. The purpose of the MSDS is to certify the safety of the materials and show the specifications of the product. Having this information would assist us in identifying the type of dangerous good your item is for us to handle it accordingly. You should be able to obtain an MSDS from the manufacturer or from their website. However, in the event where you are unable to obtain an MSDS for your item, do contact us and we will try our best to assist you. Here is an example of an MSDS: MSDS Sample

2. Destination of Shipment
Secondly, we will need you to provide the full address of the place you are planning to ship to. (Including your state code and the country) This is to ensure that your shipment arrives at the correct destination without any problems.

3. Item Description
Lastly, we will need your item description for us to know how we should handle the item. Some necessary information that we require for the item description is:

  1. Name of the item,
  2. Summary of the item,
  3. Quantity,
  4. Specification of the item itself, and
  5. Dimensions and weight of the item.

The process of shipping dangerous goods can be quite complicated. For customers who require more assistance in shipping lithium batteries, shipping shampoo, or any other form of dangerous goods, JustShip is well equipped with the knowledge to help you do all the work, such as the shipping declaration of dangerous goods, that is required to ship dangerous goods.

To start your Dangerous Goods (DG) journey, either fill in the form here or send us an email to You can use the sample email above as a reference!

July 27, 2021

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