International shipping to New Zealand: Fragile Items

Do you have fragile items that require shipping to New Zealand? Do you find yourself spending more money on packing materials for extra protection just so your item won’t arrive in pieces? Those extra costs that you use to buy more packing materials may not be necessary if you know exactly how to pack your fragile items!

Here are some tips that JustShip has prepared for you to help you pack your fragile items securely:

  1. Use a box that is just slightly bigger than your item. This minimizes the risk of your fragile items being damaged when being handled as the box will not have a lot of space for your items to shift around.
  2. Wrap your item with bubble wrap for extra protection
  3. Fill up any remaining spaces left in the box with airbags or padding to avoid having the item shift in the box when it is being shipped
  4. Tape the box securely using the H-taping method
  5. Place the “fragile” label at either corner of the box
  6. If possible, get insurance coverage to cover item loss and/or damage

If packing the fragile item is too much of a hassle for you, JustShip offers professional packing services as well as free pick up right from your doorstep! Our professional packers make use of special equipment and packing techniques to pack your items securely!

Are you looking for the cheapest shipping to New Zealand from Singapore? JustShip keeps shipping cost to New Zealand insanely low! Our partnership with FedEx allows us to provide fast and cheap shipping to New Zealand where your packages will be shipped via FedEx International Priority.

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