Packing Artwork for International Shipping

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The online art business has been booming recently and many individuals have either started selling their artworks or are thinking about doing so.

There are many things to consider when selling your artworks, especially if you plan to do so internationally. There are two types of paintings that can be shipped overseas – framed and unframed.

Unframed paintings are considered cheaper and less risky to ship. This is because unframed paintings can be rolled up and placed in a shipping tube which makes them lighter and less costly to ship. Here is how you can ship your unframed painting

  1. Place the painting in between two layers of glassine and have it rolled around a smaller tube
  2. Use a piece of adhesive paper that is easily removable to secure your rolled painting
  3. Roll your painting up with bubble wrap and seal the wrapping completely
  4. Place the painting into the shipping tube (Use bubble wrap to fill up any empty spaces to minimize movement in the shipping tube)
  5. Seal the tube

Framed paintings on the other hand are more costly and riskier to ship, especially if the painting has glass in its frame. Packing them requires more time and materials, which leads to a higher overall cost.

  1. Use glassine paper to cover the painted side of the painting
  2. Fold the glassine paper against the painting’s edges before using adhesive tape to tape it (Tape must only touch the glassine paper)
  3. Use at least 2 layers of bubble wrap to protect the painting
  4. Place the painting between two sheets of plywood or Styrofoam and secure it with adhesive tape
  5. Place the painting into the box surrounded by cushioning materials
  6. Seal the box with adhesive tape and paste the “Fragile” label on all the surfaces of the box

If packing the painting is too much work for you or if you are afraid that you may not do a good job in ensuring the safety of your shipment, JustShip has professional packing services available!

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May 10, 2021
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