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There comes a time in our lives where some of us might relocate to a different area of the world. Relocation can be very stressful, and it certainly helps to find a suitable company to help us with the move.

When it comes to international moving, however, many individuals have trouble choosing between the best international moving companies available.

A tip for individuals who are thinking of relocating to another country is to know what services are available.

Most global relocation services in Singapore offer a huge range of value-added services such as Short-term Accommodations, International school searches, etc to meet the needs of the wide variety of customers they serve.

However, there are some customers who do not require this wide range of services. Instead, all they may require is to ship a few items and to do so quickly. As a relocation company, JustShip offers a hassle-free, affordable, and fast shipping experience for its customers.

For customers who find themselves in this situation, where they only have a few items to ship to their designated country, JustShip could be the relocation company they need.

Let’s say a customer needs to relocate to USA urgently and only has a few pieces of luggage and a TV monitor to be delivered to his new place. In this case, most international relocation companies’ services would be unhelpful for him as they would require him to wait up to weeks or months before his shipment is delivered.

Additionally, he would not require any of their other value-added services. Instead, he could opt for a faster and cheaper service like JustShip that can ship his belongings within 4-7 days.

JustShip is able to provide the fastest and cheapest international shipping services because of our partnership with FedEx that ships your items via FedEx International Priority.

In addition, you do not even need to lift a single finger when working with us! Apart from our professional packing services that are available, we also offer free pickup of your items straight from your doorstep!

We hope to provide you with a fuss-free, cheap, and fast shipping experience when working with JustShip. You will also be able to track your shipment’s status through the tracking number that will be provided to you.

We are also commercial office movers and offer corporate office relocation services for our corporate customers at attractive rates that are dependent on the weight/volumetric weight of the packages.

As the article has covered, there are different cases of relocation and each case may require different sets of services. For cases where cheap pricing and fast shipping are the focus, JustShip is the right provider for you.

May 10, 2021
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