Need help with Packing or Shipping Supplies? No Problem!

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Everybody knows at least someone who has opened their long-awaited packages shipped from overseas only to find the content damaged during shipment. When it comes to shipping packages internationally, it is essential to pack the items correctly (especially packing fragile items for shipping!) to prevent any damage during shipment.

Below are some safe packing tips to ensure safe packing.

  1. Use high-quality cardboard boxes for parcels. For fragile or bulky items, double-wall boxes are recommended.
  2. Use a box of the right size. A box too big might collapse, and a box too small might burst.
  3. Add enough cushioning so that items cannot move around inside the box! This can be done using bubble wrap, styrofoam pellets, corrugated inserts and air bags.
  4. Seal tightly! Use packaging tape (instead of standard masking tape) to prevent your shipment contents from being exposed or damaged during transit.

The costs add up quickly if you want to pack something securely. Singpost charges approximately $11 for just the packing materials alone. This doesn’t include your time spent travelling, queuing and packing the items yourself in their facility. For reference of Singpost’s packing material prices – Medium Box ($5.90), bubble wrap ($1.50), styrofoam pellets ($1.50), tape ($2). We provide bubble wrap in Singapore for shipping to USA & Malaysia.

As a shipper, you not only have to pack the packages safely and securely; you also have to ensure your boxes are of the right size to prevent being hit by additional charges calculated with volumetric weight.

No time or too much hassle to pack something safely?

For as low $3, our in-house packing professional will pack your items both securely and in a right shipping box size to prevent damage and save costs. We can pack anything from a bottle of wine to a full sofa. We highly recommend this packing service for your fragile or high-value items. Anything that will break upon being dropped should be considered fragile. (Don’t drop your item to test!)

We’ll ensure we use just the right packaging materials to protect your parcel from being damaged while it travels thousands of KMs to reach your receiver in the condition that it’s meant to arrive in.

We even have an Instapack 901 machine that creates any customizable foam mould to ensure that your items packed with us can withstand the roughest of shipping handling, even if they are of odd-shaped and cannot fit inside a generic box.

Here’s a video of our in-house professional packer, making the job look easy. (PS: It’s actually not)

We can even pick the unpacked item from your house for a small fee. Ready to stop worrying about packing and start shipping?

Contact us for a quote on your packaging needs!

February 10, 2021

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