Shipping E-Scooters: Everything You Need To Know - From Packing to Shipping

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Are you an e-scooter owner looking to sell your e-scooter overseas? Yes, it’s a thing. Ever since the PMD ban came into effect in 2020, many owners have been looking to sell their PMDs overseas. This can be commercially viable, as the PMD markets in countries like the United States and the United Kingdom are still fresh and relatively untapped.

There can be many uncertainties arising from shipping big electronic devices, especially if they contain lithium batteries (which can explode, by the way). But fear not – shipping an e-scooter can be a relatively simple process with some effort and care on your part. Read my article to learn everything you need to know about shipping e-scooters!

1. IATA Regulations

The issue with shipping e-scooters are not the e-scooters themselves, but the lithium batteries inside them. Lithium batteries can be very dangerous, and that’s why the International Air Trade Association (IATA) regulates them very strictly. If you do not comply with the IATA regulations and appropriate packing requirements, your freight forwarder will not even allow your item on the plane.

Obviously, the requirements differ depending on what you are sending and the type of battery. It’s best to check with your freight forwarder. As a start, you can use FedEx’s Guide to check which IATA regulations are applicable.

Example of a Shipping Label

2. Shippers Declaration

For most e-scooters, you are probably also going to need a Dangerous Goods Shipper’s Declaration. A Shipper’s Declaration is a form prescribed by IATA, and is essential for any shipment containing a “dangerous good” (aka – your 25 kg, 22 Wh lithium battery).

The Shipper’s Declaration details the type of item you are shipping and the applicable regulations. It should also contain an emergency contact number. The form is not difficult to fill out, but IATA is extremely particular – everything must be perfectly phrased in compliance with their regulations. To get around this, you can visit a local DG Packer who can do it for you, or you can simply Get A Quote from us at JustShip and we’ll settle everything for you.

dangerous goods shipping

Dangerous Goods Shipper’s Declarations

3. Packing

Some e-scooters will require a special UN approved box that can only be purchased from special Dangerous Goods packers. However, some e-scooters will only require “strong, rigid outer packaging”. In proper terms, this is usually expressed as the “Packing Instructions” prescribed by IATA.

This can be a challenge for many. E-Scooters can be big items, and finding a box that’s big enough is already a challenge – let alone a box that fits the packing regulations. Again, you can contact a local DG Packer to purchase these boxes, or you can contact us from JustShip and use our packing services.

4. Safe Inner Packing

Another thing people tend to overlook is the inner packing (you know, the foam and the bubble wrap). It’s important to ensure that your e-scooter is secure within its package so it doesn’t move around in shipping and damage itself.

You can buy a huge roll of bubble wrap and spam it. For the more sensitive parts, you can house them in a smaller box to protect it. At JustShip, we wrap all our e-scooters with bubble wrap, cardboard and our foam InstaPak machine for customised cushioning.

How We Pack Our E-Scooters

5. Cost!

Finally, shipping an e-scooter can be expensive. Shipping fees alone can already cost an upwards of $1900 SGD (and we’re being generous with the estimate – it was $2,050 on DHL!), especially if your e-scooter was 65 kg like the one we just shipped out. However, at JustShip, we picked, packed, and shipped someone’s e-scooter for just $1100 SGD. Our prices will save you around $800 – $100!

justship price

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February 10, 2021

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