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In our last article, we analysed how prices and services have changed in SingPost’s latest price restructuring press release. We found out that even though SingPost now offers free pick-up, the trade off is much higher prices.

In recent news, SingPost has supended all airmail to UK. Does this mean that people in Singapore can no longer ship parcels to the UK? Well, not exactly. As a recap, SingPost offers 3 different services, Speedpost Express, Speedpost Priority and Speedpost Economy.

singpost uk priority service suspended

Deliveries by Speedpost Express take about 1 – 3 working days, while Speedpost Priority takes about 2 – 14 working days for worldwide delivery. Speedpost Economy deliveries are shipped and then take 3 – 15 working weeks.

SingPost has suspended services for the middle option, Speedpost Priority. This means the 2 other services are still running. The problem is that out of the 2 services, (i) Speedpost Express charges a high price (~$259 for a 5kg parcel) and can be inaccessible for most consumers (ii) Speedpost Economy simply takes too long to ship (3 – 15 working weeks).

Fortunately, SingPost is not the only shipping provider in the market. JustShip continues to offer shipping services from Singapore to UK. Not only that, we offer the equivalent of SingPost Express, shipping from Singapore to UK in 2-4 working days, and do so at the price of SingPost Economy. How is this possible? We do this by partnering with FedEx, and we pass on the incredible rates that only very large firms get for FedEx International Priority, straight to our customers.

Cheap Shipping from Singapore to UK

Shipping from Singapore to the UK ? Choosing JustShip will save you $219.14 on average (as of 6 Oct).

JustShip UK prices

Does this sound too good to be true? See what our customers are saying.

Not only that, JustShip also does many things that SingPost does not:

1) SpeedPost only ships 1kg parcels if they are documents. If you have a 1kg parcel that contains snacks or electronics, you will be charged at the 2kg rate.

2) SpeedPost does not ship more than 20kg – but JustShip does! We have no maximum weight ceiling – we’ve shipped artwork, e-scooters and skateboards before! Contact us for more information.

3) SpeedPost’s prices are extremely strict to their weight tier. If you want to send a 10.5kg parcel overseas, you will be charged the 20kg rate.

Better Prices, Better Quality, Better Service. JustShip delivers.

We’ve put our prices to the test, and the numbers have shown: choosing JustShip saves you money when you ship internationally.

The full package of our services includes quality service and comprehensive customer response (check out our Google reviews); end to end tracking (secure tracking backed by FedEx International Priority); doorstep pick up (free starting October 2020); and secure and efficient packing. All at a fraction of SingPost’s prices.

Start shipping with JustShip. Use our rate calculator to see how much it will cost to ship your package, or go straight to filling up our online delivery form, and we’ll take it from there.

JustShip offers cheap international delivery worldwide in 2-4 days. We offer cheap all-in-one hassle free shipping. Our rates start from SGD 42 to UK.

Starting October, all next day pick up is free islandwide*. Choose convenience, choose JustShip.

*Except Sentosa & Tuas.

February 10, 2021

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