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Having spent over a year staying in, some of you may have taken advantage of the stay-home period and started an eCommerce store. This eCommerce store would act as a pastime, as well as an extra source of income for you. One popular eCommerce product would be hand-made clay products ranging from earrings to figurines and keychains.

In the case where your buyer lives all the way in France, how will you ship them the goods? Are you worried about spending too much on international shipping from Singapore to France? If you are not careful, even a small parcel delivery to France might rack up a high cost that eats into the profit you made from selling the product itself.

Well, fret not as JustShip provides the cheapest shipping from Singapore to France. Our prices start from as low as SGD37.90 for parcels 0.5kg and below. Additionally, JustShip uses FedEx International Priority which ensures quick shipping from Singapore to France in 2-4 days.

Our prices are charged according to Actual Weight(kg) or Volumetric Weight(kg), the higher of the two. Volumetric weight(kg) can be calculated by multiplying the length(cm), breadth(cm), and height(cm) of the package, before dividing it by 5000. Shipping companies will calculate both and charge you based on whichever is higher.

To calculate your own rates, check out

Extra Tip:

When shipping small items such as a simple keychain or etc, make sure you pack them properly and avoid using packaging that is too big. To make sure you save as much as you can, you can pack tightly or simply use JustShip’s packing services where we will pick up, pack, and ship your package for you. Our packing services will not only save you the hassle of acquiring a suitable box but also reduces the cost of shipping from Singapore to France through optimal packing.

To conclude:

Operating an eCommerce store might come with unnecessary costs if you are not careful. However, with JustShip, you will be able to save more as it offers the cheapest shipping rates for parcel delivery to France.

May 10, 2021
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