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One of the struggles of small business shipping is the growing demand for free shipping by customers. The allure of free shipping for them is one of the key decision criteria in the buying process, but most companies would not be able to offer this as one of their small business shipping services.

At the same time, most small business owners wear multiple hats and perform many roles within the company. More often than not, logistics carries an extra meaning as it provides an opportunity for the business to customize the experience and learn more about the clients. Therefore, shipping options for small businesses hold a crucial role in business development and operational optimization.

For this, we have compiled a few tips on the best shipping for small businesses.

1. Find your value proposition, even in logistics

Whether the aim is to be the cheapest shipping for small businesses or the best shipping service for small businesses, the most important thing is to assess, decide and represent.

Every business, even small businesses, has a brand and message they want to convey to their customers, and this has to be synchronized throughout the entire company.

For example, as a small business, your value proposition might be in no-frills, cost-saving products. On your website, it is clearly stated that all costs will be kept to the minimum and consumers are only paying for the product itself.

So then, how do we keep true to this value proposition throughout the company?

One of the most important representations that are pertinent to logistics would be the packaging. You can have a customized box, designed and branded, or just use a recycled box which is easily two times cheaper.

What is more important when it comes to packaging is the level of protection that is adequate for your product. There is a trade-off between the number of protective materials and the cost of shipping.

One small tip is to find the best way to pack your product in the most space-saving manner. For example, if you are shipping pillows, one possible method to consider is to use vacuum-sealed bags so as to save on volumetric weight.

Another consideration in mind would be the packing material cost. These items come cheaper in bulk and if your business is not yet ready for that kind of volume and cost, you can consider shipping companies that offer packing as one of their small business shipping services.

2. Find the appropriate cost

It is hard to determine what is the best shipping rates for small businesses because each business has different considerations and needs.

Do I want tracking services? Do I want to pre-pay the tax or I will leave it to my customers to pay it? Do I get insurance for the packages? Or how fast does my customer want the product?

All these factors will play a part in determining what is the appropriate cost of shipment for your business. The idea is to balance business needs and operational productivity.

Of course, these are subjected to externalities such as seasonal price, fuel surcharge, shipping schedule, and unforeseen circumstances like COVID-19 or the block at Suez Canal.

There are a ton of resources out on the internet for you to get your considerations in check and business in shape. Especially for shipping and logistics, businesses can check out DHL small business home page or FedEx shipping company small business landing page for guides to shipping, exporting, and importing goods.

These resources are often valuable for small businesses starting out. Another alternative would be to engage a third-party shipping courier service to serve your needs.

JustShip specializes in international exports and has professional packing services as well. Many of our clients belong to small businesses from various industries and we have grown together with them through our entire journey.

WhatsApp us on 91187971, or drop us an email at We will be more than happy to assist you.

May 10, 2021
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