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Taxes and Duties can be a nightmare for shippers

When you ship something to another country, your recipient may be asked to pay additional duties and taxes when the shipment reaches the destination country’s customs.

  • It can feel very uncertain as taxes are hard to estimate
  • It hurts when it gets charged unexpectedly
  • Oftentimes it's too late to back out since the parcel is already at the destination country

What are duties and taxes for?

Governments tax shipments from other countries because they want to:

  1. 01

    Protect domestic companies from foreign competitors

  2. 02

    Control the flow of certain products

  3. 03

    Raise revenue through taxes

Duties and taxes on shipments are legal requirements that must be settled before your shipment can be delivered.

Will I get taxed?

You will only get taxed when the value of your shipment exceeds the tax threshold set by your destination country. To learn more about these rules, visit our country-specific pages.

P.s. under-declaring the value of your item to avoid taxes may cost you much more if caught. Also, if your items are lost and you opted for insurance, you will have lower coverage.

Unlock your powers, get Tax-Ray vision

Instantly know if you will get taxed while filling up our order form.

Not expected to get taxed? Kick back and relax, you can ship without worry.

*a few shipments still get taxed when customs disagrees with your declaration

If taxes are expected:

  • You could have it charged to your recipient i.e. customs will reach out to your recipient with the exact amount to pay when the parcel reaches the destination.

  • You could opt for JustShip's pre-paid option. We quote you a fixed, upfront cost along with your shipping quote. After that payment, expect no more charges for taxes.

Get taxes out of the way, once and for all.

Having your parcel delivered with taxes paid upfront has clear benefits:

  1. No more rude shocks.
  2. Your recipients are spared from paying. This is important especially if your package is a gift.
  3. Increase the speed of clearance for customs. Your parcel will not need to be held at customs, pending payment confirmation.
  4. No more return shipments caused by your recipient abandoning the shipment.
  5. Money savings! Handling fees resulting from post-paid taxes can be 3-4 times more costly.

For now, JustShip charges a flat fee of $20 for tax-handling. This is less than half the market rate, so you save ~$30 right off the bat.

Furthermore, delivering with taxes paid upfront is a service that shipping partners often reserve only for their larger VIP customers.

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