The 10 Most Frequently Shipped Local Foods with JustShip for Gifting

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What better way to say 'I'm thinking of you” than by sending a taste of home to someone far away?

Now, sending local favourites to your loved ones overseas is easier than ever with JustShip.

In this post, we'll reveal the top 10 most popular local foods people are sending with JustShip and how you can do the same.

General Rule of Shipping Food Overseas as Gift

care package

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Before we dive into the list, it's important to understand the rules and guidelines for shipping food internationally.

When shipping food overseas as gifts, it's essential to adhere to specific guidelines to ensure that your thoughtful gesture doesn't become a complex issue at customs.

Here's a quick guide to help you navigate this process:

Avoid High-Risk Items

  • Meat Products: Including chicken, beef, and pork, meat products are considered high-risk and are often subject to stringent import restrictions.
  • Milk Products: These can spoil easily during transit and might face import limitations in some countries.
  • Fresh Foodstuffs: Items like fruits and vegetables that require refrigeration are considered high-risk for shipping.
  • Perishables: Any food that can spoil or decay easily, such as seafood, should be avoided.

Check Import Restrictions

Make sure to review the specific import restrictions and prohibitions of the destination country. What might be considered a low-risk item in one country could be restricted in another.

Interested to learn more? Check out our guide on “Everything You Need to Know About Shipping Food Overseas” for more information!

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The 10 Most Frequently Shipped Local Foods with JustShip for Gifting

1. Instant Noodle

prima laksa instant noodles

Instant noodles are a popular gift item, but it's important to make sure that they don't contain traces of meat in their ingredients, such as chicken-flavoured seasonings. Even the slightest presence of meat can encounter the risk of failing to clear customs.

2. Cooking Paste

singapore curry paste

Popular cooking pastes flavour like Hainanese Chicken Rice & Chili Crab often contain chicken stock, which is prohibited. So, be sure to thoroughly check the ingredients list for any meat seasoning before including them in the package.

ingredient list with chicken stock

As these items are already designed for secure transport, it makes them a convenient option for shipping. However, it is still wise to pack them in a way that prevents potential damage to other items in the package, perhaps in a separate plastic bag or container to contain any unexpected leaks.

3. Soup Spices Packet

song fa bak kut teh soup spices packet

Bak Kut Teh soup spices packet is also a popular choice when thinking about sending a taste of home overseas. Similar to instant noodles, do make sure that it does not contain any traces of meat!

4. Sambal

yeo's sambal paste

Sambal is usually packed in a glass jar, so it requires special attention while shipping. Make sure to securely wrap the jar to prevent breakage and leaks. A tightly sealed jar in a zip-lock bag with adequate cushioning could be the way to go. You may also want to wrap the jar in bubble wrap or foam to add an extra layer of protection.

5. Kaya

ya kun kaya jam

Like Sambal, Kaya is typically packed in a glass jar. The fragility of the container requires careful packing.

6. Homemade Cookies

homemade pineapple tarts

When shipping homemade cookies, it's common to find some empty space inside their containers. To prevent the biscuits from being damaged due to movement, add padding materials like tissue or baking paper within the containers. This helps ensure that they arrive in perfect condition.

7. Snacks

singapore snacks, irvins salted egg fish skin

Popular options like Irvins’ salted egg fish skin can make great gifts. For other snacks, it's crucial to ensure that they contain no traces of meat in their ingredients.

8. Dried Nuts

camel dried nuts

When shipping dried nuts, check for freshness and proper sealing.

9. Tea bag/Tea leaves/Tea powder

TWG tea

These popular choices need to be properly sealed to preserve aroma and freshness. Consider using additional protective layers to keep them intact and fresh during shipping.

10. Milo/Coffee Sachet


Items like Milo and coffee sachets are suitable for shipping. Double-check the packaging to ensure that it is properly sealed and in good condition.

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Testimonials and Stories: Sharing the Love with JustShip

At JustShip, we've been honoured to play a part in connecting friends and family across borders with our food shipping services. The joy, warmth, and appreciation that come from these gestures are truly unparalleled. Here's what some of our customers have to say:

1. A Taste of Home for a Homesick Wife

Testimonial: A Taste of Home for a Homesick Wife

2. Celebrating Birthdays from Miles Away

Testimonial: Celebrating Birthdays from Miles Away

3. A Sister's Care Package Full of Love

Testimonial: A Sister's Care Package Full of Love


Sending local food to someone far away isn't just about flavours. It's about sharing love, memories, and warmth. With JustShip, this special gesture is now easier than ever.

Whether it's a birthday, a holiday, or "just because," let JustShip help you bring smiles across the miles.

Interested to learn more tips on sending gifts internationally for different seasons? Dive into our “Send Gifts Internationally” content hub for valuable insights and ideas!

Have more questions about gifting? Our Gifting FAQ page covers everything you need to know.

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October 31, 2023

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