100 Unique Singapore Gifts For Overseas Friends & Family

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Looking for the perfect gift to send from Singapore to your loved ones overseas?

We understand that finding something uniquely Singaporean, while also ensuring it can clear customs, can be a challenge. Equally important is guaranteeing that your gift arrives without any hassle. That’s where JustShip steps in, making the process straightforward and worry-free.

Whether it’s for someone discovering the charm of Singapore or for someone missing home, our list of 100 unique gifts offers something for everyone.

And with JustShip’s Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) service, you won’t have to worry about the complexities of customs or unexpected fees. We handle all duties and taxes upfront, so your thoughtful gifts arrive smoothly, without any extra costs or surprise charges for the recipient.

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Food Snacks

Singapore is famously known for its wide assortment of delicious food dishes and snacks. For your international friends and relatives homesick and dying for some Singaporean food, it would be a fantastic idea to ship them some good ol' Singaporean food snacks. Here are some food snack gift ideas:

1. Salted Egg Fish Skin

Irvins Salted Egg Fish Skin

2. Amazin’ Graze Nuts n' Raisins Brownie Chips

Amazin’ Graze Nuts n' Raisins Brownie Chips

3. Nissin cup noodles chips

Nissin cup noodles chips

4. Kaya Jam

Kaya Jam

5. Nonya Chilli Sauce

Nonya Chilli Sauce

6. Maggi Noodles

Maggi Noodles

When shipping noodles overseas, scrutinise the ingredient list and make sure it doesn't contain any meat extract like chicken extract. Some noodles that make the cut are the MAGGI 2-minute noodles which are completely vegetarian except for MAGGI Chicken Noodles, which is the only non-vegetarian variant.

7. Muruku


8. Ice gems

Ice gems

9. Durian Candy

Durian candy

10. Prima Laksa Instant Noodles

Instant Laksa

11. Kaya and Kopi Poki Sticks

Poki Sticks

12. Khong Guan Biscuits


13. Mala Potato Chips

Mala Chips

14. Bin Bin Original Flavour Rice Crackers

Bin Bin Rice Crackers

15. Instant Bak Kut Teh

Instant Bak Ku Teh

Note: When shipping food items, it’s best not to ship any products that have traces of meat because of most countries' import restrictions. Check out FedEx’s website to find out what the global prohibited and restricted items are.


Know someone overseas craving or curious to try out Milo, Teh Tarik, Kopi O, or any Singaporean beverage? Ship them some of these classic Singaporean beverage products:

16. Nestle Milo


17. Old Town White Coffee

Old town coffee

18. Aik Cheong Teh Tarik

Teh Tarik

19. Bacha Coffee set

Bacha coffee

20. TWG


21. Ette Tea Company

Ette Tea

22. Matcha Tea Kits


23. Gryphon Tea

Gryhon Tea

24. The 1872 Clipper Tea Co

1872 Clipper Tea

Board Games

Singapore also has some unique board games designed around the country’s landmarks, culture, food, and people. Most of these Singaporean board games are thrilling, humorous, and also educational for those who want to learn more about Singapore. If you want to think about getting a gift for a family, board games would be a fantastic gift idea that they would enjoy since it would be a great way to improve family relationships, and build social skills! Some board games you can consider are:

25. Monopoly Singapore Edition


26. Singaporean Dream (Card Game)

Singaporean Dream

27. Hawker Wars (Card Game)

Hawker Wars

28. Kopi King Card Game


29. Surviving Singapore

Surviving Singapore

30. Off Track

Off Track

31. Hotpot Havoc: Foodie Card Game

HotPot Havoc


Singapore is also home to many talented local authors that write books from a unique Singaporean perspective. If you know someone who’s a bookworm, you can consider getting them these books:

32. Singlish vs English

Singlish Vs English

33. The Naysayer's Book Club: 26 Singaporeans You Need to Know

The Naysayers Book

34. Chope


35. The Strangely Singaporean Book

The Strangely Singaporean Book

36. How to Cook Everything Singaporean

How to cook everything Singaporean

37. From Third World to First

From Third world to first

38. Find and Seek Singapore

Find and seek

Books for Children

39. Secrets of Singapore

Secrets of Singapore

40. Colouring Singapore Postcard

Coloring Singapore Postcard

41. Lion City Adventures

Lion City Adventures

42. True Singapore Ghost Stories

True Singapore ghost stories

43. ABCs of Singapore

ABCs of Singapore

Home Decorations

Everyone wants to beautify their living environment. Home decorations are a great and simple option, like souvenirs, collectables, figurines, furniture, mugs, coasters, etc. Some specific home decor gifts you can get from Singapore are:

44. Glass Crystal Merlion

Glass merlions

45. ‘Let’s Makan in SG’ ceramic mug

ceramic mug

46. Peranakan Cup Coaster

peranakan cuo coaster

47. Peranakan Cushion Cover

peranakan cushion cover

48. Personalised Letter Coin Bank

letter coin bank

49. Bubble Tea Cushion

bubble tea cushion

50. Curry Puff Cushion

curry puff cushion

51. Peranakan Pottery

Peranakan pottery

52. Chilli Crab Recipe Plate

chilli crab recipe plate

53. Nasi Lemak Recipe Plate

nasi lemak recipe plate

54. One Singapore Porcelain Plate

singapore porcelain plate

55. Singapore-themed Colouring Mat

singapore themed colouring mat

56. Singapore Refrigerator Magnets

sg refrigerator magnets

57. Customised Home Gifts

customised home gifts

58. Hush Candle

hush candle

59. Wandewoo Pop Art Sculpture

wandewoo pop art sculptures

60. Preserved Flower LED Glass Dome SG

flower glass dome

61. Canvas Print Singapore Wall Art

sg wall art

62. Personalised Lamp

personalised lamp

63. Singapore Shophouse Blue Tea Towel

sg tea towel

Clothing & Apparel

You can also consider gifting Singaporean clothing and apparel. From traditional to modern clothing, you can find them all in Singapore with many local Singaporean brands that offer quality clothing products. Some clothing brands and items you can consider are:

64. Peranakan Kebaya


65. Cheongsam


66. Baju Kurung

baju kurung

67. Saree


68. Traditional Tile Earrings

tile earrings

69. Charles & Keith (Bags, Shoes, Accessories)

charles & keith

70. Beyond the Vines

beyond the vines

71. Benjamin Barker smart-casual wear

benjamin barker

72. Biro Japanese clothing


73. Love bonito

love bonito

74. Curious Creatures(Jewellery)

curious creatures

75. Kydra (Sportswear)

kydra sportswear

76. By Invite Only (Jewellery)

by invite only

Baby Gifts

Know a friend or a relative that has a newborn child, you can consider giving them some baby gifts to help them get started on their parenting journey! There are many baby gifts from Singaporean brands that you can consider such as:

77. Personalized baby gift boxes and hampers

baby gift boxes

78. Baby Bibs

baby bips

79. Handmade baby gift sets and mummy essentials

handmade baby gift sets

80. Baby and Children's Clothing

baby clothing

81. Reusable silicone colouring busy mat

reusable silicone colouring mat

82. Pregnancy and baby journals

baby journals

83. Personalised baby rompers

baby rompers


Need gifts that appeal more to a younger audience? You can check out some of these toy gift ideas:

84. SG 50 Lego Set

lego set

85. Singapore Airlines plane model

sg plane model

86. Sticker Book(LittleShop)

sticker book

87. Puzzles and Construction sets

puzzles and constrution set

88. Merlion Sized Building Blocks

merlion sized blocks

89. Magic Science Kit

magic science kit

90. Mochi Squishies

mochi squishies

91. Wow Wild Toddler Gift Box

wow wild toddler box

Skincare & Health products

Since people are more health and wellness-conscious than ever before, it will be a good idea to send your friends and relatives some skincare products from Singapore. With that, here are some Singapore-brand skincare products you can consider:

92. Real Carrotene Blemish Clear Serum (AprilSkin)

aprilskin serum

93. Allies of Skin

allies of skin

94. Innisfree squeeze masks

innisfree masks

95. Soothing Essentials with Mega-Mushroom Treatment Lotion Set

Soothing Essentials with Mega-Mushroom Treatment Lot

96. Bae Vitamin-C Serum

bae vitamin c serum

97. Sigi Skin: Vegan and superfood-based skincare

Sigi Skin: Vegan and superfood-based skincare

98. Sephora Collection Good Skincare: Natural skincare

Sephora Collection Good Skincare: Natural skincare

99. Forest Rhapsody: Natural and plant-based skincare

Forest Rhapsody: Natural and plant-based skincare

100. The Body Shop Face Serum

the Body Shop Face Serum

That was the best 100 Singaporean Gifts. If you need more ideas for gifts that are more universal, you can check out our blog '50 Best Universal Gifts to Ship to your Loved Ones'!

Not only that, but if you're looking for detailed frameworks on the best tips for shipping gifts, JustShip is here to guide you. Check out our blog for a secret formula to shipping gifts that makes the process seamless and worry-free.

For more tips and ideas for shipping gifts, check out our other tools on our gift hub to be the best gift-giver!

Start shipping gifts out for your friends & family using JustShip! We offer international shipping services at cheap rates with professional packing services so you can rest assured that your gift items will reach your recipient in top condition!

Want your gift delivered to someone now? Create a shipment with us and we will pick up your item the next weekday for free, pack it securely, and ship it out to your destination in 2-5 working days!

October 11, 2022
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