50 Best Universal Gifts to Ship to your Loved Ones

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Previously, we gave your ideas for the 100 best Singaporean gifts for your family & friends overseas. If you are thinking of giving your loved ones uniquely singaporean gifts, then be sure to check out that post!

However, you might be considering getting them something more universal like the latest tech gadgets or clothing. With the holiday season approaching, it’s time to bring out the Christmas spirit and start planning for gifts to send to your loved ones.

Though we’ll explore gifts that are more universal, this blog will contain a list of gifts that are shippable and also have high gift shipping utility. So here’s the 50 best universal gifts to ship overseas for your friends & family!

Best Tech & Electronic gifts

People think that shipping electronics overseas is difficult or impossible. But that is a myth. It all depends on which courier you pick!

JustShip will ship your electronic gift items worldwide with ease at a cheap and fast rate. So don’t be afraid to send your loved ones the latest apple watch or sony headphones when you use JustShip’s services.

That being said, here are some of the best current tech gift ideas you can consider:

1. Apple Watch Ultra

Apple watch ultra

2. Apple Airpods Gen 2


3. Samsung Galaxy Fold 4

samsung galaxy

4. Amazon Kindle

amazon kindle

5. Sony WH-1000XM5

sony xm5

6. MacBook Pro

macbook pro

7. Therabody wave roller

therabody roller

8. Mini Projector

mini projector

9. Personalised phone wireless charger

wireless charger

10. Smart Lamp

smart lamp

11. Google Home Mini Smart Speaker with Google Assistant

google home

12. Waterproof and wireless speaker

wireless speaker

13. Sony Camera

sony camera

Best Home Decor Gifts

Know someone living in a house with empty walls and unused space? You could consider getting them housewarming gifts to spice up their home environment. Here are some home decoration gifts you can consider buying them:

14. Electric Wine Opener Gift Set

electric wine opener

15. Personalised Pillows

personalised pillows

16. Arslan Vases

arslan vases

17. Seda France Japanese Quince Candle


18. Bamako Coasters

bamako coasters

19. W+P Collapsible Popcorn Bowl

popcorn bowl

Best Gifts For Kids

Need some gift ideas for a younger audience? Here are some exciting and educational gifts you can consider:

20. GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope

talking microscope

21. Coding Robot

coding robot

22. Science Magic Kit

magic science kit

23. Lego


24. Zero Gravity Laser Race Car

toy race car

Best Gifts For Gamers

Thinking of getting a gift for someone who loves to game regularly? Send them some of the latest gaming equipment to give them a more enhanced experience when they play their favourite video game! Here are some gaming gifts to consider:

25. Nintendo Switch

nintendo switch

26. Razor blade gaming laptop

razer gaming laptop

27. Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Gaming Headset

wireless gaming headset

28. Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse

gaming mouse

29. Wrist Rest

wrist rest

Best Eco-Friendly Gifts

With people being more conscious about our environment, buying eco-friendly items would be a great gift idea to show your support towards protecting our planet. Here are some eco-friendly gifts you can think of buying:

30. Zero Waste Kit

zero waste kit

31. Eco Christmas hamper

eco christmas hamper

32. Socks that plant trees

socks that plant trees

33. Ekos Tukumã Body Lotion

body lotion

34. Sea Glass Necklace

sea glass necklace

Best Gifts to get your Grandparents

This holiday season, put a smile on your grandparents’ faces by sending them some thoughtful gifts! Here are some meaningful gifts to consider:

35. Custom House Painting

custom house painting

36. Personalised Recipe Box

personalised recipe box

37. Personalised Rolling Pin

personalised rolling pin

38. Grandmother’s Journal Set

grandmother's journal

39. Grandfather’s Journal Set

grandfather's journal set

40. Grandkid Names Pillow

grandkids names pillow

41. Couch Tray

couch tray

42. Small photo album

small photo album

Best Gifts for a long distance relationship

Spending time away from the love of your life can be difficult. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t send something meaningful to your partner. So here are the best gifts for your long-distance partner:

43. Spinning Heart Messenger

heart messenger

44. Knock Knock Why I Miss You Fill in the Love Book

love book

45. Long Distance Lamps

long distance lamp

46. Secret Message Leather Bracelet

secret message leather bracelet

47. Parisian Love Lock & Key

love lock

48. Long Distance Touch Bracelets Set of 2

long distance touch bracelets

49. Personalized Photo Night light

personalised photo night light

50. Custom Long Distance Relationship Pillow

custom lond distance relationship pillow

And that’s the 50 best universal gifts to ship overseas for your friends & family! The list may contain general items that can be found and bought anywhere around the world.

However, you can consider taking various items from the ones mentioned earlier and create a personalised box of those items that’s suited to your recipient’s interest. That way, the person receiving a present from you will know how special and meaningful your gift is to them!

Enjoyed reading this blog about the 50 best universal gifts to ship overseas for your loved ones? Go and read our blog ‘The Secret Formula to Ship Gifts’ where we show you a detailed framework on how to go about shipping your gifts overseas!

If you want more tips and ideas for shipping gifts, check out our gift hub where we have all the tools for you to be the best gift-giver out there!

If you need a delivery provider to ship your gifts out to your loved ones during the Christmas season, JustShip provides international shipping services at fast and cheap rates! Not only that, we provide professional packing services and an expert review of your item documentation so that you have a smooth shipping experience!

All you have to do is fill in a shipment form and we will pick up your items from your doorstep the next day for free, pack it, and ship it to your destination within 2-5 working days!

Need a gift sent to someone quickly? Create a shipment with us now to send your loved ones some exciting new gifts!

November 22, 2022
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