Tips for Choosing the Right Courier Service

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International shipping has become an essential feature for digital retail businesses. If you are looking for a reliable and cheap courier service Singapore to deliver your packages across the border securely, you need to do some homework.

Without a reliable courier service, you won’t earn your clients’ trust as it has become the vital factor of marketing strategies for client retention. In this blog, we will be sharing tips you may want to note while choosing the right courier company.

Offering the Best Price

The cost of international shipping has the power to either make or break your deal. No matter how effective or efficient your product is, customers will not buy it if they are charged high shipping costs.

Before choosing the courier service, gather information regarding your product size, material, weight, delivery location, speed, and extra details. For example, before deciding the shipping cost to New Zealand, you must calculate how much to ship to New Zealand. Once you calculate all the factors affecting the shipping cost, you will find the best delivery solution like JustShip, which offers cheap courier services Singapore.

Shipping charges depend on various factors, including the shipping volume and destination, etc. If you are looking for a cheap courier service Singapore to New Zealand, you must discuss these factors with your courier company.

Do your Research

While working with a service provider, it is prudent to check the previous customer reviews about the service. It will give you an idea of what kind of service you should be expecting. Checking reviews and doing your research before hiring any courier company is essential to avoid future issues. Professional courier companies like JustShip come with a plethora of honest reviews from the clients that ease the decision for potential clients.

Providing Realistic Delivery Times

Clients are highly sensitive when it comes to delivery times. To provide a bespoke customer experience, you need to arrange prompt delivery service. But let us be realistic here, shipping to New Zealand and other parts of the world requires time. Therefore you need to strike a balance between your own logistics and the courier company’s actual delivery time. If you want prompt delivery service, it would be prudent to examine your own processes and also ask your courier company whether they provide the required service or not.

For a cheap courier service Singapore you need to manage the delivery time and quality of packages. Most companies offer bulk delivery for non-urgent packages at low prices, but they charge higher prices for urgent deliveries.

Choose the economy or cheap courier service Singapore if you plan to replenish your inventory, but if you want urgent delivery, go for standard delivery. That being said, reliable and professional courier companies like JustShip offer cheap courier services Singapore even for urgent international deliveries.

Experience and Market Reputation

Having extensive experience should be considered an added feature to the overall portfolio of the courier company. With extensive experience in the industry come network, reputation, and reach. A company having extensive experience surely handles the mishaps and ensures safe and secure deliveries. While hiring the courier companies, go for established courier companies like JustShip, which offer professionalism, reliability, and all-rounded services every time.

Knows International Shipping

Always opt to work with a courier company that has resources for international shipping and has the right team with adequate expertise regarding the ins and outs of the business. A professional courier company will guide you regarding all the essential documents required for the shipment. They will assist you in facilitating the custom clearance procedure and negotiate on your behalf when needed.

Shipment Tracking

Once the customer places an order, the courier company’s responsibility is to deliver the package safely and promptly. You won’t be able to do anything even if you want to order fulfilment. At exactly this point, you will realize the importance of hiring a responsible and reliable courier company.

Hiring the right shipping company will give you the ultimate peace of mind by offering customer trust and delight. Choosing a courier company that offers Singapore-related cheap courier service is highly essential but delivers a hands-down service.

Handling the Delays Efficiently

You can never avoid natural delays in the shipping process, including weather, accidents, and customs delays. But what you can control is the choice of the courier company that offers the handling of delays efficiently and effectively.

There are multiple issues involved while dealing with deliveries; for example, the client does not receive the package, so what will they do? Do they have the policy to contact the business or the customer or other solutions to resolve the issue? Do they tend to deliver it again the next day or return the item? Who holds the damage responsibility when the package arrives at the client’s doorstep?

Does the company cover the returns and damages? What will be their policy in case of any dispute or discrepancies? These are all the questions you first need to find the answer to before choosing the delivery company for your products.

Shipping Insurance

Stolen, damaged, and lost packages might be the last and unforeseen events in your order delivery. But unfortunately, they happen, and you must be prepared for such an event. While opting for a courier company, ask about the shipping insurance i.e., what kind of shipping insurance and coverage do they offer? Keep in mind the shipping companies offer contingent insurance that depends on the fulfilment of certain conditions.

A reliable courier earns your client's trust

The shipping cost to New Zealand or any other country around the globe solely depends on the choice of the shipping company. If you choose the right company, the overall costs reduce significantly, thus offering you the ultimate peace of mind.

So, while opting for a reliable and cheap courier service Singapore, always consider the tips mentioned above for a delightful customer experience.

September 14, 2021
how to choose a courier service

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