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“While English is an international language, the Art language is the universal one.” – Sabina Hassan. Painting is one of the many forms of expressing emotions and exports of artworks have been increasing rapidly.

Singapore exported US$303.3 million worth of artworks overseas in 2019. (, 2022)

For businesses that are shipping art overseas, it is recommended to ship via air shipment. The main reason why shipping by air is more suitable is that artworks require attention and care as they are fragile.

In addition, delivery via air would be significantly faster than sea shipment. It is possible that items can be delivered within 24 hours when shipping by air. However, sea shipments can take up to 18 weeks. This long timeline can be a headache to some businesses as shipping paintings internationally can be time-sensitive.

If you are interested in sending artwork overseas, Justship is the courier for you. We have shipped countless artworks worldwide. We are using FedEx International Priority(Air) which can deliver to your destination within 2-5 business days, excluding customs delays.

If you are looking to get your artwork packed, you can see our guide to packing artwork if you plan to get it done yourself, otherwise we also offer professional packing services for a seamless shipping experience.

You may contact our customer service team via whatsapp @91187971 for more information!

June 15, 2021
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