7 Picking and Packing Tips To Ace Your Shipping Game

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With the ongoing pandemic, digital platforms have become the mainstay channel in providing clients with their required products, and people rely more on these channels. During the ongoing market shift, assessing what the client demands is essential for the business’s survival.

Surely, you have the best products to offer to your client and a website with an effortless user interface, but if you are lagging in your delivery game, your retention rate will fall.

If you are looking for the cheapest way to send a parcel from Singapore to Malaysia or simply want to lower the overall shipping cost from Singapore to Malaysia, you need a professional and reliable service provider like JustShip.

Every business around the globe knows that the festivity season is around the corner, and with that comes an enormous amount of pressure for deliveries. So, we have shared in this article some tweaks that could enhance your efficiency and improve your delivery duration for the ultimate customer retention.

International shipping like delivery from Singapore to Malaysia requires some formalities to be fulfilled and thus requires the companies to set the estimated delivery time accordingly. Using the mentioned tips below, you can efficiently minimize the risk of pile-ups, so keep reading to know more.

1. Never Run Out Of Packing Supplies

How does it feel if you are fighting for your survival and you ran out of your ammunition? That’s exactly what it feels like when you run out of packing supplies in the middle of a war on deliveries. Imagine being caught with a huge pile of deliveries, and you ran out of labels. Want to avoid such unfortunate incidents?

How about stocking up extra packing supplies, including labels and other consumable items? As we have mentioned already, international shipments like shipping from Singapore to Malaysia come with certain formalities. No one wants to be late on deliveries because they ran out of packing supplies.

2. Beat the Backlogs with Overtime

Who wants to lose a client due to a delivery backlog? No one, so why not make some changes when a plethora of parcels need to be delivered? As soon as the festive season starts, make changes in your business operating hours to facilitate smooth deliveries.

So, instead of clocking off at exactly 5 pm, introduce overtime and extra shifts. Just by adding an evening shift or Saturday shift, you can rest assured that all the packages are packed and delivered on time to their destination. As most customers shop from 6 to 9 pm online, engaging your staff for an evening shift would ease the packing and delivery burden to a great extent.

3. Try Different Storage Strategies

It is important to use the best possible storage strategy to minimize time and effort consumption, accidents, and product damages. For example, you can use slotting to reduce congestion in the warehouse, save time and reduce accidents. However, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy, and you have to explore various options to choose whichever suits you.

4. Prioritise the Parcels According To Speed and Destination

With the changing trends of shopping, businesses need to make necessary changes in their operating model accordingly. If you need to keep the fulfillment time down, you need to pick orders according to the type and location of the delivery service. Keep the same-day and local deliveries at arm’s reach, and the packages should be picked in batch.

The prudency behind keeping them in batches is to ensure they are ready for the carrier’s pickup. Similarly, international shipments like delivery from Singapore to Malaysia need to be prioritized ahead of time.

5. Print automation

With the introduction of automation, every business intends to add automation to significantly improve efficiency and reduce costs. One way to speed up the shipment process is to purchase a thermal printer so you can easily label your parcel for your shipping provider.

6. Befriending the Courier Service

Whether you are looking for a courier service for local deliveries or international ones like shipping from Singapore to Malaysia, you need to constantly contact your courier service provider. So, it is prudent to create friendly terms with the shipping service provider to avoid delivery delays, misunderstandings, and service discrepancies.

Ask the courier service to provide regular pickups with local drivers to avoid missing any collection. Also, if you anticipate any change in the delivery volume, it is prudent to inform your courier service beforehand to ensure they make suitable changes accordingly.

Building a long-lasting relationship with your shipping service provider is essential to ensure efficient service every time.

Keep checking the courier service page to get informed about any network delays. Also, do check the public holidays and international flight schedules for any potential delays in international shipments.

7. Engage an All-In-One Service Provider

If some of the tips recommended sound inconvenient or perhaps deviate from the strategic focus of what you want to work on for your business, let JustShip take that load for you. JustShip does the legwork of picking, packing, and processing your shipments, so you don’t have to.

All you need to do is arrange a pickup with us, regardless of shipment volume, and labeling your parcels can be as simple as a post-it with your Order ID. With our large warehouse spaces and variety of packing materials, your orders are picked, packed, and shipped extremely efficiently.

Many of our customers find that they save more by using our services than using their own time and capital for packing materials, inventory costs, etc. Using JustShip not only can lower your operational costs, but it will also give you more time to focus on your core business activities and maintain your service delivery standards to your customers even when peak periods come.

Hiring a reliable and professional courier service like JustShip is essential to keep your clients delighted with timely and secure deliveries. Whether you need the cheapest way to send parcels from Singapore to Malaysia or anywhere worldwide, or you want super-fast delivery services, a professional company like JustShip will ensure you get the required services at highly affordable rates.

September 20, 2021
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