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Many often ask, which is the best international courier service in Singapore?

In this post, we will draw out some important factors to use when comparing international courier services.

These will help you to form your view of what’s best for you by identifying your needs and being informed on how to compare how well shipping providers can meet those needs for you.

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Trade lanes

The first thing is to define the playing field for comparison.

For example, it would not be straightforward if one were to compare a shipping partner that focuses on shipping from US to Singapore against another shipping partner that focuses on shipping from Singapore to US. One is inward, and the other is outward, and the service models are different.

Even within companies that ship out of Singapore, it would be hard to compare shipping companies that focus on shipping to different countries. Different destination countries have different challenges in cost, customs expertise required etc.

Of course, some large businesses require their shipping partner to have a presence in all trade lanes, inward and outward, and across multiple modes (air, land, and sea). In such a situation, diversity of capabilities becomes a factor for success.

So, before beginning your comparison of international couriers, identify what your need for trade lanes is in.

If you are a consumer interested to ship gift internationally to your friends, your focus is most likely outward, from Singapore to other countries.

At the moment, JustShip focuses on Singapore to worldwide shipping. Some of our popular trade lanes are shipping from Singapore to US, UK and Australia.


After knowing which trade lane / destination country you are focusing on, the next to look at is speed. How fast do you want your parcel to arrive?

One way to look at it is in terms of the following categories: 1-2 days, 3-7 days, 10-14 days, 30-60 days.

1-2 days services are exorbitant, and usually only certain niche businesses require this.

30-60 days services are increasingly used for bulk shipment to replenish warehouse stock etc. Consumers used to accept such delivery speeds, but times are changing, and most would respond in horror to know it takes 30-60 days to ship something.

This leaves us with the 3-7 days services, as well as 10-14 days services. These are increasingly popular, and industry trends tell us that most customers are increasingly looking out for that 5-8 days range as a sweet spot.

JustShip ships from Singapore to worldwide in 2-5 working days, while keeping our prices at the same range as shipping companies offering 10-14 days services.


For simplicity, we will combine various smaller factors into the broad umbrella of reliability. To be reliable, people have some general expectations:

  1. The shipping partner should not have a reputation of losing parcels often.
  2. The shipping partner should not have a reputation of damaging well-packed parcels.
  3. The shipping service should provide a parcel tracking number so customers know where it is
  4. The shipping service should offer insurance as an add-on

On point 1 and 2, the way to ascertain this is to look at the online reviews people provide for that shipping service. To add on, it is often not just whether the partner loses or damages parcels, but also how they follow up with it.

On point 3 and 4, these are typically mentioned upfront by the service providers. This should be taken into consideration alongside cost.

JustShip is a reliable international courier service. We offer parcel tracking and insurance at very affordable rates and have glowing reviews to back our reputation for low parcel loss and damage.


Of course, speed and reliability cannot be considered in isolation. The faster and more reliable the service, the more expensive it is.

This trifecta of speed, reliability and cost will be something you have to weigh and prioritise against your needs.

If you are looking for a cheap courier service with great speed and reliability, JustShip is hands down the cheapest delivery service in Singapore.

Of course, for some trade lanes, there are some industry players that are even cheaper! The important thing is to consider not just upfront cost, but the potential cost of shipment delays, returned shipments, parcel disposals, loss, and damage. Those costs can add up to a huge sum and be a real nightmare, and they can also spend much of your time and energy.

Popular questions and answers to round up what we’ve learned

How long does it take for shipment from Singapore?

This will depend on where you are shipping to, as well as your budget.

If you’re shipping a 2kg parcel to the USA with a budget of $80, you could get it delivered in 55 days with SingPost.

With JustShip, you can get it shipped in 2-5 working days.

Sounds crazy? We know. Just try us out. You’ll get used to it and wonder why you didn’t get started earlier!

Which international shipping is the cheapest?

This depends on where you are shipping to, and how fast and reliable you need your shipping to be.

If we look at air shipping (something in the range of 1-14 days) with parcel tracking, JustShip is the cheapest international shipping courier for Singapore to USA.

It is also important not just to look at upfront costs, but hidden costs of parcel loss, damage and poor service delivery, which can be ascertained from seeing online reviews of shipping providers.

How do I ship something from Singapore to USA?

  1. Measure your parcel’s weight and size, then get a quote on your favourite shipping partner’s rate calculator to confirm that it is within your budget. For guidance on how to accurately measure your parcel, be sure to read our comprehensive guide, "How to Measure Boxes for Shipping: Ensuring Right Size to Prevent Top-Ups".
  2. Ensure your parcel does not contain prohibited items. Generally, that means no alcohol or any traces of meat.
  3. Confirm that the value of the items in your parcel are less than $900 SGD. If they are more costly than that, know that you may get taxed. In that case, use any online tax calculators to estimate how much taxes you need to pay. If you’re shipping with JustShip, we automatically calculate and display it to you before your check out, when you are filling up our order form.
  4. All good on the above? Fill up our shipment form with your recipient’s address, item description and we’ll pick it up from you for free on the next business day and have it delivered to your recipient’s doorstep in 2-5 working days.
June 2, 2022
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